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Calling All Parents with Children Entering Primary 1 and Primary 2 in 2020

NO! They Are Not KIASU

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"Our Primary 1 programme focuses on teaching math concepts the fun way. We use ... snap cubes, counters, fraction disks and include games and stories. This helps young children acquire a strong foundation in mathematics and in turn builds their confidence in the subject"  

~ The New Paper, 26 Jul 2015 ~

Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation

In Math Concepts In Fun and Interactive Ways ?

The Story of Janice Chuah

Dear Parents,

My name is Janice. You might recognise me as a "Super Tutor" featured by the local and overseas media. I don't particularly like the term, "Super Tutors" because it might give you the impression that its all about the money we earn. And while that is part of it, it is not the whole story. 

My love for teaching young children was evident since the day I joined the profession. Prior to founding Concept Math, I was a primary school teacher for ten years. During that period, my passion and dedication towards education won me multiple awards from Ministry of Education (MOE) including the prestigious School Caring Teacher, Outstanding Contribution Awards. I also received a Rotary Gold Medal from National Institute of Education (NIE, NTU) for outstanding leadership and dedication to student activities. 

With such stellar results, you might naturally assume I had never struggle in math. This is quite far from the truth. Part of what makes me a good math tutor is the struggles that I went through and the success of hard work.

Will you be surprised if I tell you that as a child, Math was my worst subject and once I even got as low as 4 out of 100! That was a mere 4% !! I find Math boring. I hated the repetitive drills - memorizing times table, long division and I was particularly weak in problem sums! But fortunately for me, along the way, I got Math figured out. I choose to further my studies in Math and graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a major in Mathematics.

Janice Chuah

Locally and Internationally acclaimed

"Super Tutor" 

My childhood experience is the reason why I choose to teach Math to young children. I'm an effective math tutor because I struggled immensely with the concepts I now thoroughly understand. I could help my students better because I was in their shoes!

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In my 20-over years as an educator, I have seen so many children feeling frustrated and stressed because a weak foundation in Math pulls down their overall grades resulting in low self esteem and robbing these young children from a place in their dream secondary schools. 

The scary thing is, the tell-tale signs of a weak foundation in Math do not show up in Primary 1 or 2.  At lower primary, school exams test basic competencies such as simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with small numbers below 100. How difficult can this be ? 

Therefore, children tend to do well in P1 and P2, easily scoring 80-90%, even FULL MARKS, which led parents to think that they are coping well ... and a weak foundation might go undetected.

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Without strong foundations, the skyscrapers will collapse sooner or later. Likewise, children with weak foundation in math, coupled with undesirable habits will see a HUGE drop in their results in P3 and P4.

One such student is Renee Seow who...

Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation

In Math Concepts Which Forms The Building Blocks For Later Years ?

Went From 80-90% In P2 To 45% In P3

~ The Story of Renee Seow ~

Renee often scores 80-90% in her math exams in Primary 1 and 2. However, in Primary 3, her mom got a rude shock .... 

A diagnostic test revealed that Renee's fundamental understanding of the Math concepts was very weak. She was able to breeze through Primary 1 and 2 because the lower primary math focuses on basic skills such addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and Renee practised hard through repetitive drills. However, these did little to lay the groundwork for future problem solving and logical thinking. 

At primary 3, the focus of the math curriculum is on understanding and application of math concepts, thus like many children with weak foundation, Renee struggled with problem sums. 

Thankfully, our teachers were able to work with her to bring her marks back on track within a few short months. 

I did not expect her to fail (45%) her math when she was doing well

all these years.

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Her mom even shared that if she can turn back the clock, she would…

"Send Her Child For Math Enrichment 

As Early As Possible!"


Like I shared, sending your child early for math enrichment lessons has NOTHING to do with being “KIASU”. 

Singapore students often top world ranking in Math and this is because our schools' curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills. Problem sums form a significant part of the PSLE math papers as well as in school exams. 

If you want your child to do well in math, they need to score well in problem sums. Unfortunately, problem sums are one of the hardest section to obtain marks from. To do well, your child must acquire strong math concepts and develop the ability to visualize the questions using models, analyze the problems and present the solution clearly

Your child needs a structured, yet interesting and fun programme to help them acquire math concepts, model drawing skills and constantly challenge them to analyze and think beyond their comfort zones. These lay the solid foundation for success beyond lower primary math.

Many parents are already reaping the benefits of enrolling their children early in math enrichment programme so that their children can have an unfair advantage of a good headstart over their peers ...

Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation

In Math Concepts And Develop An Analytical Mind ?

BUT here is the thing ... 

Habits and Skills Cannot Be Learned Or Developed Overnight!

~ The Story of Jon Tan ~

I once received a call from a mom feeling so desperate, she put me on speaker so that I could calm her husband who was shouting at their son, Jon, for failing math. Jon's father insisted that his son was 'lazy' and slacked because he was doing well just last year. 

Such distressed calls are common.

When I meet Jon, he was stressed, worried and his self esteem was at rock bottom and in his own words ..

I am 'Stupid'! 

I disappointed my parents and teachers. What if I fail again? My parents are angry and 

my friends are laughing at me! 

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During our first lesson, Jon stared at the problem sums questions blankly. He did not know where to start. He was overwhelmed as new skills and concepts are piled onto his already shaky foundation. Jon was not 'lazy' as claimed by his father. He told me that he hated math. I could understand because who is motivated to do things that they are not good at? But the more Jon avoided practising and learning math, the further he fell behind - a vicious cycle. 

It was a challenging and tough climb up the hill to bridge the huge learning gap in terms of skills and concepts. Fortunately for Jon, his grades improved.

Many children with weak math foundation are like Jon. BUT not all are so lucky and able to escape from this vicious cycle. Confronted with repeated failures, some children eventually gave up totally. 

Over the years, my team and I had managed to help some children turnaround their math grades.

But there is no such thing as "quick fixes”. These children have to work much harder and put in alot more time to play the catch up game, often at the expense of their rest and leisure.  

The road was long and winding for these children although it didn't have to be.

Your child could avoid trotting down this long arduous road if you let your child start early in acquiring concepts and skills that builds a strong math foundation through a structured programme in nurturing and fun environment. 

Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation

In Math Concepts And Do Consistently Well Without Stress ?

But before you start enrolling your child for just any Math tuition, here’s what you need to know…

DRILL-and-PRACTICE is Boring 

Some math programmes require young children to sit through an hour or two of repetitive math practices which focus only on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, without exposing them to problem sums. Drill-and-practice of these basic math operations will not help your child sharpen his thinking skills. That class time can be better spent in activities that are more enjoyable and will contribute to a deeper understanding and application of math concepts. 

Learning in Advance is not always a good thing

There are math programmes that feed on parents' 'kiasuism' and offer children 'more advanced' classes claiming that children will be ahead of their classmates by learning the syllabus before they are taught in schools.

Math concepts and skills are learnt in a step-by-step cumulative manner. Imagine the stress and frustration your child will face if they are asked to perform long division (Primary 3 syllabus) when they have not fully understood the concept of grouping and do not enough practices on multiplication (Primary 1 and 2 syllabus). If your child have to constantly struggles to keep up, their self esteem and confidence will be shaken and this will deter them from enjoying math. 

Help your child reach their fullest potential by focus on building a strong foundation through teaching them thinking skills and good habits with age-appropriate learning materials. This is far more effective than learning in advance of the syllabus. 

And they can do so using…

The S.M.A.R.T. Conceptual Math Approach

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Give Your Child A Strong Foundation For Learning & Excelling In Primary School Math

This S.M.A.R.T. Conceptual Approach has helped more than 5182 Primary School students score better in their Math exams.

  • Simplify and explain complicated Math concepts to young children using concrete materials. Hands on learning, or learning by doing, keeps curious and energetic children's attention as they naturally want to play and explore.

  • Most children are visual learners. Use of pictures and models can help young children visualize and understand concepts better. 

  • After grasping and understanding concepts, children then analyse the problems using numbers and symbols before ...

  • solving the questions using equations to arrive at answers.

  • Children are encouraged to test and check their answers for accuracy, as part of good habits to avoid careless mistakes.

This is a highly effective approach I designed to help young children grasp math concepts, develop analytical skills, good habits while having fun solving math problems.

This 5 steps approach involves ...

Learn Concepts through Hands-On Activities 

In Partnership With Teachers and Parents

At Concept Math, at the end of each session (primary 1 & 2), parents will be invited for a lesson debrief so that parents will be kept up to speed on what was taught and how they can further aid their children at home.

This is the Success story of a mom using the tips she picked up during debrief sessions to teach her daughter addition. 

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I Tried Teaching Sherlyn .. Using Cubes. Surprisingly She Understood and Managed To Do ALL The Sums ..

~Mother Of Sherlyn,

Marymount, P1~

Step-By-Step Guided Worksheets 

And Higher Order Thinking Questions

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Weekly Higher Order Thinking Questions Helps .. Get A Distinction in Math Test.

~Mother Of Desiree,

Ai Tong, P2~

At Concept Math, we do not merely write the solutions on the board! We will bring your child through the whole thinking process, step-by-step, so that they will understand the math concepts behind the questions and apply to other similar questions across different topics.

Our students are also exposed to higher order thinking skill questions similar to those found in the Math Olympiad and Gifted Education programme so that they will be well versed in the basic school syllabus and yet be stretched to think beyond their comfort zones.

And I’ll be sharing my unique approach on how you can help your child build a strong foundation in math, develop their thinking skills with plenty of tips-and-tricks on how to make learning fun in my upcoming…


Workshop For Parents

I ran this workshop last year and there were many raving reviews and testimonials from parents who had attended and got great value from the workshop.

Because of its success, it ended up being featured in the Straits Times.

Due to popular demand, we’re organising another special 


In the workshop, you will :

  • Have an in-depth understanding at the tested-and-proven S.M.A.R.T. Conceptual Math Approach and learn how you can use it to help your child build a strong and lasting foundation in math. 
  • Gather ideas on how to inject FUN in learning Math concepts using story-telling, games and math manipulatives such as number beams, weighing scales, snap-cubes, etc.
  • Learn how to use models drawing strategies to teach your child problem solving skills and cultivate good habits to avoid careless mistakes.

  • Discover pitfalls that you should avoid when teaching your child math (because unlearning is more painful than learning!) 

Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation

In Math Concepts using the S.M.A.R.T. Conceptual Approach?

Experiential Learning Session

For Your Child

While you are at the workshop, your child will be in another room learning math concepts through games and activities. Besides having fun, this session will ignite their interest for math and promote the love for the subject. This will certainly start them off on the right footing, even before school begins!

Bonus! FREE

Want To Start Your Child On The Right Footing

For Learning and Loving Math?

What Some Parents Have To Say

Extremely Useful To Help My Child Avoid Careless Mistakes!

"The workshop provided me with a clear overview of the latest Math syllabus which helps me to focus on targeted questions and concepts to practice with child at home. The sharing on tips and good habits (e.g. Brick Layer, Naughty Ones) are extremely useful to help my child avoid careless mistakes."

Nancy Tsao

Gave Me A Lot Of Insights Into Model Drawing!

"Definitely gave me a lot of insights into Model drawing, for someone who seriously dislikes math. I do see why Model drawing is good in translating numbers into the pictorial form. 

My advice: Go attend the parents workshop!"

Jenny Wee

Impressed How My Son Grasped Math Concepts Easily!

"The short session gave me many ideas on how I can engage and teach my son math concepts using fun and interesting ways. He enjoyed it thoroughly and I can see his level of interest in Math was raised after your session.

I'm impressed how my son grasped Math concepts easily through the activities today. These practical concepts definitely beats traditional boring drill-practices teaching methods!"

Ryan Koh

How To Register ?

Janice Chuah

Founder & Principal 

Concept Math

S.M.A.R.T. Workshop For Parents & 

Experiential Learning for Children

Session 2 (Bukit Timah Branch)

Date: 15 Sep 2019 (Sun)

Time:  3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Concept Math @ Bukit Timah

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road (Bukit Timah Shopping Centre) 

#03-74K S(588179)

Tel : 64634980

*Note: As this is a highly in-demand workshop that a lot of parents have been asking for. Due to space constraints, seats are limited so do take action fast and sign up for the workshop early to avoid disappointment!

To Secure Your Place For This Highly In-Demand Workshop Now, Click On The Button Below To Sign Up Now

I've met many parents who felt that enrolling their children in math enrichment classes at the lower primary places unnecessary stress on their young children. On the contrary, when children do not build a strong understanding of math concepts and constantly challenge to think analytically, they may be stressed by the sudden demands in upper primary. 

Some parents have the impression that lower primary school math is easy and they can teach their own children. There is no denial that the curriculum of lower primary math is easy but parents may not know the correct techniques to teach their children, help them gain a deep understanding of concepts and develop their children's thinking skills. 

One last story before I sign off ...

When Concept Math first started 7 years ago we did not have the resources to offer classes for all levels. Upper primary classes took precedent over lower primary. 

I met a Dad who walked into our centre and was disappointed that we do not have Primary 1 lessons for her daughter. This is what he shared with me, 

Do something now instead of putting your child at risk for not building a strong enough foundation to withstand the rigour of the upper primary math curriculum. Since we cannot turn back time, Prevention is better than Cure. 

I’ll see you at the workshop!


Janice Chuah

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I have a Sec 1 child who 'suffered' because she did badly for Math. I can't turn back the clock BUT I want to do it right from my younger daughter. The interest and competency in math, is no different from other essential skills such as reading, writing, etc, which are best cultivated from young. 

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Session 1 (Novena Branch)

Date: 13 Sep 2019 (Fri)

Time:  7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Venue: Concept Math @ Novena

1 Goldhill Plaza

#03-01 S(308899)

Tel : 62556335, 62540305

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